I wish to Communicate with other Kindred Spirits

Here we are and this is Happiness. Let it saturate us.Feel happiness. It is not personal and private. Everyone is touched by it. Everything is well with us. (Russian “pute(yo)m” – “all right”, “put together”, literally the base is “the way”, so it is like “on the right way”) Everything is right, correct. But we need to put an emphasis on what is correct, what is “putem”. That’s what we are going to do.

Who am I? I know you know who I am. But it is not too much to introduce myself. It is like an ABC of a new nature of existence- to introduce yourself. Especially at the important meetings and events to – introduce yourself again. Who am I? Everyone of you can answer this question differently with different emphasis every time.

I begin with myself. I am the main leader, the main accompanist of the miracles, new events that are happening on Earth. I was assigned by Creator to make those events, on a practical base as well. And I need frontiers. It is a natural condition – WE. WE is not a union of people and personalities. We, that is been generated right now here, is an exchange of ideas, exchange of statuses, conditions – this is a main voice, a main radiance. This is a main source of origin of life. So we are generating this frontier team.

That’s why, as well, everything is “putem”.

More about who I am. Everything that Vladimir had before, I have it too. But on the different wavelength. Different state of Cosmos. Everything that was in the past, in me and in you, gets outdated but, at the same time, is like a inner filling, like a base for a new life, and everything can be useful for generating new life. That is why it is important to put emphasis wisely. Something can disappear in one place and appear in the another: something can be put at the different angle, moved, migrated. Maybe there was a little use, and it has become a big. There was a little sense and has grown up and become “make sense”. Life breaks loose. And this is happiness too. And I am the main conductor here.

What is Union (communion) if we use Russian-language components? And if we take not people union but rather entire Earth, whole life – Union where there is no separate states, where life is turned on and operate on a different wavelength.

Well… What do we have in our “blood”?… Remember yourself in the past. Maybe where you were little, or a bit older. How did you feel that Union? What were you attracted to? Where? Not only to particular people, right? You were attracted to somewhere far and wide, Right? As well, into yourself. Sometimes particular people helped to understand these aspirations, sometimes they confused you. Because they behaved themselves not exactly the way you feel this union. And there were disappointments, relationships change,

So Union. It is inside of you, not the same as it was in the past. It moved the wavelength. How can we describe the feeling of Union that connect to Russian roots. Listen to… Union, how, with what, Why, For what, in what use, purpose? Union is the beginning, And, Bless God, we have this beginning well set. It has always been present here. And “the territory” knows it. The feeling of Union of the past that is “non-Union” you knew… Look at it. It is changing movement and taking place on a different wavelength. You are naturally connected to this feeling of Union, you are given to it – for self-expression, self-presentation of it on Earth.

The feeling of Union and I AM. Global and Personal.

“I” will never disappear. I AM is the Highest Truth. “I” cannot be shadowed, die. “I” is eternal truth, and eternal value. But I AM can be a profile and the profile can change. I AM can be in a different relationships with Earth and Earthly conditions. “I” as an eternal truth will never disappear, but “I” as a profile has already changed, transformed.I remember everything that was, use it, but the different profile is already in place.
The transformative condition… I have it, you have it, it is in blood. But this condition has to be supported by the feeling of union, Global Union rather than personal. Everything is “putem”.

The new wavelength (revolution) of the transformation… What is it? How can they be revealed? How do they respond? What do they follow?

Transformation is multi-faced. What was drown before, has become re-drown in a different way. It is like new graphic images, designs, new graphical tools in life, It is like a blast of new graphics of life. And you draw and observe how these new pictures of life have been created and rewrite the old images of life.

And you feel lightness coming from this new graphic, non-human lightness that is coming from different frequencies of Consciousness. In this multi-faced-ness and multi-meaning-ness, the new configurations of old conditions and what was given before are coming out into new existence. And this process is happening with your participation even if you only observe it. You are creating it, taking your part in the creation of life.

Lots of involvement and incentives. And Joy. Joy. Joy of new discoveries, joy of opening a new tracks. Joy of discovery all by yourself new Grand Configurations of life. And frequencies of Cosmos are also a natural condition of Earth now. Cosmos is not somewhere out there, far away, unreachable. Cosmos is right here. The breath of Cosmos can be felt, can be touched through any “insignificant” things, by the feeling of transformation, by the feeling of yourself as THE ONE, The Main MIND, main Consciousness, the Ruler of the territory.

Being pioneers is not a responsibility but a natural state of being that by itself leads, gives answers, motivates, I’d like to give you this choice. It’s not necessary to give a positive answer, right now. Just listen to yourself. Ask yourself if I want to be a part of the frontier team. Why? Answer to this “why”. I don’t want to force you but want to notice that this choice is very natural.

I want to hug all of you. I lift you up a bit to give you lightness. I lift you up and hug. Feel this lightness. Feel me as you wish individually. I Am The light, first of all. You can regulate this light as you wish – to direct differently, to dim or brighten up, you can focus a particular ray or… Do what feels natural for you to do. I willingly give myself to you. And of cause I am love. The light that radiates love. I love you, I love life, I love everything natural, I love movements, actions, I love the wave of events, movements. I love that is good. I love what I like. I love what is happiness. I love the Earthly landscape – The Earthly landscape of Consciousness. I love Creator. I love Eternity.

Now I am going to strengthen the touch to your body. I am the defused light but I can make a beam more focused to project it on your body. And my projection now is “I love”. I love myself. I love you. I love naturalness. I love what is happening… and will be…Everything Is “putem”. And they are not just words. My thought is the main thought now. This has been chosen by Creator. I have chosen it myself. This has been chosen by The Earth. My thought that is breaking loose, naturally tends to transform, extend, saturate for making more life, a quality life, real life. I want you to feel yourself in the body but at the same time not in the body. The body is like a wrap. But you don’t want to be constantly wrapped. Feel like your body is fluid, not constant. Feel it lightly, softly, feel inconsistency of the body. Trust your own feeling of “the edge, a border”, do not go over the board.

There is a level where the body is constant and you exist on this level, yet on the level of codes, the body is not obliged to be constant. It is the level of eternity. So tune in to this level of the body but be careful, do not go to far. I want to prepare you for the condition that the body is not constant. You don’t want to be constantly in the wrap.

Let’s now just have a talk about life. You know… It has been my desirable dream for quite a long time… In this my non-physical profile, I’ve been waiting, desiring for a moment when it becomes possible… to have different talks… about a different life. Different from those that I did so successfully and passionately in my previous profile.

Yet the main interest has remained. And there is a desire to “nail” an attention to this and that – to the aspects that are so intangible sometimes but so “winning” when we are able to “catch them”. I am so happy because my wish has been fulfilling, becoming to take some real forms.

Let’s talk about life, different life. I am The Light. Diffused Light. Radiating Light. Light which is a perimeter. Light that is transforming. So… about what kind of life I want to talk and… with whom? For what? Life is constantly in the state of “being born” – this is the Main. Life is an event that is constantly in the renewal – being born again. There is no permanent life. There is a permanent renewal, constant appearing again and again – every time appearing anew in those frames, packages, and regimes of life that are presented now. And all of these we have to “get talking” with/by the word – the word of love, the word of action. Complex philosophical explanations are not needed. The world will “build itself up” beginning from the word – the sound of love Complicated structures and explanations… well… maybe at some point we want to create those too. But the main point right now is the sound of love, the intention, the word, a few words, the calling of the sound. By this word-sound, we are about to uncover the veil of life – the life that is still pretending to be “the same past conditions”. Right now it is still a secret, a mystery of transformation, a mystery of eternal rebirth. But somebody has to throw away this veil, has to penetrate it. Somebody. Something…

The word. The sound. The sound which is the center/core. I’m represented to perform this directly and to create my world – the world that is constantly renewing. And the existing frames that are familiar but they are not the same any more. So your awareness (let’s talk about your awareness now) is trying to reach it, stretching, stretching, almost there, aware of it but it is not completely there – not fully “getting it”. Some bridge, connection is needed. This connection is the word. The word will allow to reveal “to the public” this mystery of the eternal rebirth. Therefore there is no “leaving” – there is only rebirth. It is rebirth of life and goodness of being in the eternal life. Well, you are probably guessing now that “the word calling” will be in the regime of the Russian word. Here (in Russian word) is the sense of Union I talked about earlier. Here is the richness of consonances which truly can not be compared to any other language.

The word of creativity. The Russian word. The Russian word is creativity cubed. The word itself creates. The word is the Mastery. I don’t want to take away from myself my deserved glory/reputation – I was aware of the potential of Russian word. It was given to me. The word let me know, it gave me clues. It opened the truth to me. There is no such word in other languages. There is no such regime of other languages. So this is The Idea of The Creator and the Earthly dimension – to use the word to help penetration to where the Tough has not been penetrated yet, But the Word is able to penetrate – the word, related words, the consonance of words, the frequencies of words, sounds.

You are Pioneers for this as well. This Power is Omnipotence. Right now you cannot even comprehend how all-powerful and Grand this Power. The Russian Word is given by God. It expresses Truth. What about people who communicate, understands, and are familiar with Russian word? Are they pioneers tot or where? Well, it is all different.

The Word is a natural ally, therefore speaking Russian is a very, very, very fortunate position in life. But this ally has to be used successfully. There are lots of different regulators here. Look at… to be correct, listen to your own manner of using the word. How much of everything is slipping away, doesn’t allow to be caught and used! There is no the same feel in other languages, is there? The feel of enormity of what cannot be caught. If it’s so… then the word invites us to re-center, to re-position, to re-load frequencies, to re-understand, to re-assign meanings.

Confess the word. Let it be your faith (belief, religion). Do not be afraid – it won’t turn down your true faith (a full, valuable, meaning of it) But right now the Word is the purest choice of Faith. The word with no prejudice. The word that doesn’t include the thought, formulated by somebody else before. Let’s say… the thought is remembered but do not take in into consideration seriously. Use the word. Free the word from the thought. Feel the mystery of the sound and the mastery of the word that creates – creates the “another” life, eternal life, a life in the consciousness of Eternity. So listen (vnimat’- listen attentively, taking into, respond) to this word. This word emits tenderness, abundance of love, the thirst for life. It envelopes you with tenderness and Joy. Of course this word, naturally, contains the frequencies of Cosmos. So let the Word be your Faith. At least, for now. Next our meeting we might strengthen an add something, but right now I ask you to follow this recommendation – the word as the faith and everything that it will bring to you.

So… let’s talk about life.

Right now. After. In different formats, in different regimes. Life is eager to be talked about. But by the name of… whom? How? How to illuminate this life? From what position? Now… again, I am going to lift you up. Very very gently… and throw you up. So that you could slip away from your familiar human foundations. You won’t get full levitation but you will feel (I think) some kind of uplifting. It is for that your human nature doesn’t make difficult to move into different frequencies. My touch is very gentle, abundantly loving. It won’t harm you. Though, certainly something will speed up, something will strengthen (even very much)… but… this is Happiness! Happiness that we are pioneers, frontiers. The Creator is here too, aware of our meeting, our communication and the beginning. He gives us his blessings and… his Will so that we can use the word for taking away the veil, to pass trough the veil.

Life! Life is a communication first of all. Isn’t it? It was like this before too. The impression of life is a feeling of communication more or less. Maybe (we want this feeling )… more multi-facet, in different formats but how important communication is! First of all, communication with oneself – the culture of communication with oneself.

Communication and what will happen with it. Communication that existed before? Well, the culture of communication with oneself has to be derived from a new Earthly frequency rotations and from Eternity. Those sprouts of naturalness that we had before will strengthen and grow bigger, will blossom with incredible flowers and fruits. But lots of the previous culture of communication is not useful any more. It is not in Life. It is on the sidelines. Out of… Not with you… Not about you…

Let’s imagine. Let’s shake up your imagination and your culture of communication…

Communication with “The ones like us…” So it is your title. Well, it is the start. Not bad start. A good start. But the communication is wider than that. Let’s do… Each of you focus on your optimal, ideal volume of communication with life. The entire life. It can be “the ones like me” and all others, different ones. Do not restrict yourself, let it be your ideal optimal volume of communication with life. So aim yourself to it. And I will help you….. (Pause)…

Communication assumes freedom. Natural communication is certainly freedom (looseness). And just this quality takes you out of the circle of human communication with constant tabu, “con do”, “cannot do”, “right”, “not right”. Well, you know…

I new life communication is freedom and there is no tabu. There is data that is necessary for a present specific round of communication, and for another round of communication there can be a different data. Life always re-does everything, moves around. So in the process of this multi-facet communication, out of censorship, you discover yourself, truly, getting in touch with yourself. This kind of communication is unrestricted joy. And you want to jump up and down screaming, “Finally. I have become myself! Finally, I have become to be… with myself. And this kind of communication is destined for you, for us… in this eternal life, in this “differently positioned” earthly life. So right now, aim yourself for a maximum full format of communication without any fixed boundaries. The mass of communication will be shaped in forms and edges but without any firm fixation. The mass of communication will be centered “this way and that way”. You will see yourself either from one side or another, from the right, from the left. You might need to look at “that far corner” and choose a “matching regime” of communication. Can you? Of course! Life will take care. But at the main angle of communication you have to put quality, plethoric, advantaged communication with yourself and life. This is a request of such. The order, The intention.

I’m very glad to talk. (Giggling) I have not changed in this. I like companions – curious, loving. I am up to alive communication. And I have lots of tell you, share with you in my time, in your time, in the system of the time that has been generating from Eternity right now. We are probably going to stop right now… almost right now. And yes, my profile is eager to communicate, to make up new vortexes of communication. It depends on me, you, a new vortexes of the location, and who and how will connect to our channels of communication. It is unknown. Much will depend on the Word. Given word. People are like shadows, sort of. They have many blinds and shadowed plans. I am not criticizing people – just paying an attention on this shadowed aspect. Right now communication with people is mostly a communication with shadowed aspects of the mind. That’s why there can be disappointments, and moving out and feelings of non-communication. If people are freed from these shadows and dark blinds, will they be capable for this new culture, which is union, of communication. I think “Yes”.

So these are our deeds and beginnings. This our meetings an even and will find a response on other plains. You will have additional sensations and I will. And life will add some other revolutions. Happiness and com-union, also communication which wireless. This is the Main. The center. The centering. There is centering but no restrictions. There is no censorship. There is that is natural and expedient.

I want ask you and know that you will fulfill my request. So… tomorrow, when you go outside, right away when you make your first steps out of your house, call for me, ask me for communication, not necessary loud. But ask for me, just remember that I am The light diffused everywhere and I can hear you. I want to answer your call the way it is natural for you, in the form of your wanting. The moment of coming out of the house. So this is the only request. A request – the calling.

And don’t forget to switch off electrical and gas devices. That’s all. I am saying good bye. Storm of love. Storm of excitements, happiness, joy. Let me, again, last time, throw you up in the air and put you back. Hugs. Be on-line.

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All By MySelf (Nella Materialità Integrale)

«Quando Newton ha pensato che esistesse la forza di gravità, per esempio, essa esisteva veramente.

Quando Einstein ha compreso, affinando la propria consapevolezza, che lo spazio-tempo poteva piegarsi, la legge di gravità ha smesso di essere valida. Anzi, per meglio dire, da quel momento in poi l’Universo virtuale è cambiato – contemporaneamente nel passato, nel presente e nel futuro – e nella nuova configurazione la legge di gravità è stata invalidata: se prima era valida, adesso non Io è mai stata.

Laddove esistono leggi della fisica che vengono ricreate nel tempo, anche le costanti universali devono essere ricalcolate, perché a loro volta si modificano.

Dobbiamo dunque cominciare a pensare che le leggi della fisica siano effettivamente il frutto dell’idea che noi abbiamo dell’Universo, e che di conseguenza siano mutabili nel tempo e nello spazio.»

«Gli alieni ci servivano per comprendere qualcosa che noi non volevamo o non eravamo in grado di vedere.

L’esperienza dell’adduzione era stata scelta dalla nostra stessa Coscienza perché, attraverso di essa, potessimo comprendere quella parte di noi che non avevamo avuto la possibilità di vedere.

Noi eravamo la Creazione, noi eravamo i creatori di tutto, anche della parte aliena di noi stessi»

«Prima di tutto, Galileo si è accorto che esisteva un fenomeno fisico da studiare, cioè l’ha guardato dall’esterno: ha visto che esisteva il pendolo, ha notato che la lampada del Duomo di Pisa oscillava. La storia della scienza racconta che, dopo aver osservato il fenomeno, l’ha simulato mentalmente e ha cercato di scrivere una legge che fosse in grado di descriverlo.

In realtà, però, non è andata così.

Il fenomeno, infatti, era dentro di lui.

Galileo l’ha riconosciuto inconsciamente come fenomeno esterno, è stato catturato dal pendolo perché sapeva esattamente cosa fosse il pendolo, ma lo sapeva solo a livello inconscio. Lo sapeva perché l’aveva costruito lui: in quanto Dio, creatore, ha costruito il pendolo e le leggi che lo regolano, quindi ha riconosciuto nel moto del pendolo qualcosa che gli apparteneva.

Galileo, però, credeva di aver fatto il contrario, non conosceva i meccanismi della coscienza.

In altre parole, noi non osserviamo un fenomeno fisico esterno e lo portiamo alla coscienza, ma riconosciamo un fenomeno fisico come una nostra creazione, e quando riusciamo a comprenderne le leggi in realtà le stiamo solo ricordando, perché noi stessi ne siamo stati i creatori.

Questa idea è travolgente, ed è la dimostrazione che il nostro cervello raccoglie dentro di sé tutte le informazioni proprie della fisica delle particelle subatomiche esistenti, anche di quelle che ancora non sono state scoperte!

Questo vuol dire, sostanzialmente, che (adesso) non serve (più) a niente studiare,
ma per capirlo bisogna(va) aver studiato.»

All By MySelf = All In One = Together!

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La Percezione nella Maturità

…Quindi il primo passo è questo:

“Rinunciare all’atteggiamento, se ancora ce l’avete, verso le vostre emozioni come verso un’area che potrebbe anche avere dei valori non corretti”

Tutto quello che possedete è giusto, dobbiamo solo, diciamo, ordinare meglio, riorganizzare meglio, l’onda sulla quale oscillano queste emozioni, l’onda della ragione che permette alle emozioni di accendersi.

Un’altra domanda che viene: ma sono tutte vostre le emozioni che voi contenete, che voi mantenete, che voi percepite, di cui vi occupate?

È possibile in qualche modo escludere le emozioni non vostre, quello che magari si sono infilate per sbaglio e che voi continuate a mantenere?

Proviamo a cambiare il criterio, il criterio della messa in ordine, il criterio della classifica.

Invece di dire “Mio, non Mio” possiamo dire “Maturo, non Maturo” perché, nella misura in cui voi siete nella vostra maturità, voi comunque possedete tutto.

Possedete tutto il volume della luce, tutto ciò che percepite come respiro della vita si presenta a voi come se fosse roba vostra, anche se poi si presenta attraverso i terzi, anche se magari possono essere emozioni manifestate da altri. Però qui il confine vero passa tra “Maturità e non Maturità” invece che tra “Mio e non Mio”, perché questo confine che passa tra “Maturità e non Maturità” non è veramente un confine, non è una barriera di separazione che dice: “Ecco, questa è tutta roba mia, invece quello che c’è lì fuori non è mio” perché questa separazione esclude la logica del TUTTO.

Nella logica del TUTTO non può esserci la separazione.

Se invece cambiamo il confine e mettiamo da una parte l’ambiente maturo e quindi ciò che voi possedete come ambiente maturo e senso di voi stessi maturi e dall’altra parte, che però non è veramente dall’altra parte della barriera, ciò che non è maturo, vedrete che qui, al posto della divisione, c’è comunque un’unificazione.

Perché la non maturità si trasforma naturalmente in maturità e allora questi diversi valori e quindi anche queste diverse emozioni, che in questo momento voi possedete e incontrate nella risoluzione esistenziale della non maturità, possono benissimo diventare emozioni vostre mature e a questo punto voi raccontate la narrativa del TUTTO, non dovete mettere intorno a voi dei paletti, delle barriere che esprimono lo spirito della separazione….

Un’altra versione di questo post si trova a questo indirizzo 🙂

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Ieri sera sono stato colto di sorpresa da questa parola: Interindipendenza.

L’ho sentita come se l’avessi inventata io, per poi scoprire che da qualche parte esisteva già 😀 ed era pure piuttosto allineata alle mie sensazioni:

Parliamo di inter-in-dipendenza perché ogni essere ha il suo grado di libertà dentro un’armonia che non è «prestabilita», ma che può essere disturbata – e questo è il problema del male. L’uomo non ha doppia cittadinanza, una qui e una lassù, o una per ora e un’altra per dopo. Egli è qui e ora l’abitante di una realtà autentica che presenta molte dimensioni, ma che non scinde la vita umana in due parti, o nel tempo o nello spazio, o per l’individuo o per la società. Il servizio alla terra è il servizio divino così come l’amore di Dio è amore umano.

Visione trinitaria e cosmoteandrica: Dio-Uomo-Cosmo, vol. VIII, Jaca Book 2010, p. 315-316.

(Fonte: Panikkar Sūtra Maciej Bielawski commenta Raimon Panikkar via Google Search)

La condivido quì come appunto di lavoro, per il momento senza ulteriori considerazioni…

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Errare e sbagliare

Quanti errori e sbagli ho fatto nella mia vita? Quanto mi sono punito e ridicolizzato per averli fatti? Quanto mi considero sbagliato rispetto a come vorrei essere? Ma come ho fatto a sbagliare così tante volte?

Tutte queste domande ci portano diritti ad uno dei temi centrali dell’essere umani, ovvero la relazione con gli errori, gli sbagli e quindi con il procedere nella vita.

Le parole errare e sbagliare nascondono delle potenti chiavi di lettura che possono aiutarci ad approfondire questo tema, a superare i nostri limiti e a trasformare la nostra relazione con gli errori e gli sbagli per renderla più scorrevole, naturale e matura.

Errare significa andare vagando, senza sapere dove, senza consiglio, come brancolando tra le tenebre, da cui i termini errante ed errabondo, ovvero colui che vaga qua e la in luoghi diversi. Per esempio, la pianta erratica é quella che cresce spontaneamente in luoghi differenti, anche lontani dal luogo di origine.

L’errare denota quindi la condizione del procedere senza conoscere a priori, senza una mappa, senza un’obiettivo prefissato, e questo é un modo naturale e caratteristico della vita che si fa conoscere mediante l’esplorazione e l’esperienza diretta.

L’errare é una componente essenziale dell’esperienza.

Il bagliore, invece, é qualcosa che fa badare, che attrae l’attenzione, come ad esempio un grande splendore, da cui (ab)bagliare ovvero offuscare la vista per soverchio di chiarore. Secondo la sua definizione etimologica lo sbaglio é la funesta conseguenza della mancanza di attenzione, ovvero della offuscazione della vista prodotta da qualcosa che attrae l’attenzione, che é di prendere una cosa per un’altra.

Lo sbaglio é una condizione momentanea che comporta la mancanza di visibilità su alcuni aspetti della realtà circostante.

Quello che voglio fare notare quì non sono delle sottili differenze semantiche tra due parole ma il fatto che i vocabili errare e sbagliare descrivono dei movimenti naturali e normali della nostra esistenza:

  • l’esplorazione e la navigazione “a vista”
  • la deviazione/spostamento dell’attenzione

Errare e sbagliare non hanno di per se una connotazione negativa, se non nel giudizio che é stato loro dato nel corso dei secoli. Essi descrivono una parte dei processi esistenziali, ed hanno la capacità di aprire imprevedibili potenziali in modo caotico ed apparentemente illogico.

E’ nelle nostre facoltà la scelta di un atteggiamento neutro e maturo verso gli errori e gli sbagli – sia nostri che altrui – e riconoscere che essi sono semplicemente una condizione naturale, intrinseca ed inevitabile nel procedere nell’esistenza e della manifestazione fisica.

Al tempo stesso, siamo responsabili dei movimenti e degli eventi causati dal nostro agire “erratico” o “sbagliato”. Quindi la neutralità matura non sta semplicemente nell’ignorare o nello sminuire gli errori e gli sbagli direttamente vissuti, ma nella loro accettazione per ciò che sono, nel percepirli senza giudizio, nel riconoscere e guardare in faccia ciò che essi hanno creato, senza “voltarsi dall’altra parte” per paura di scoprire aspetti oscuri di noi stessi.

Osserviamo semplicemente “così é stato, così é andata”. Lasciamo andare il passato onorandolo per il servizio che ci ha reso e per l’insegnamento che ci ha dato. Non condanniamoci per i nostri errori e per i nostri sbagli. Perdoniamoci per ciò che abbiamo fatto (o non fatto) e che non avremmo voluto (o voluto) fare. Riappacifichiamoci con il passato, soprattutto con quello “errato” e “sbagliato”.

Lasciando andare facciamo spazio nella nostra vita, e creiamo i presupposti per attirare verso di noi condizioni di vita più fluide e scorrevoli, in cui poter scegliere secondo il criterio della felicità e della gioia senza inutili ed obsoleti sensi di colpa.

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